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Opening Salvo

Time to wade into the blog morass. We might as well start with the obligatory quote from Marx – this is a commie column after all.

Marx said that hitherto, philosophy was used to view the world, but the point was to change that world. He forgot to mention the fact that the very act of viewing the world changes it – our perspectives shape our interpretation of objective reality. I don’t want to take the naive mentality that “everything is subjective”, but as human beings, we are subjective. Our subjectivity and opinion is ingrained in us – it allows us to differentiate between danger and safety. It offers us the freedom to reject dominant ideologies. It permits us to choose sides.

This blog is dedicated to the writers and revolutionaries who view the world through this radical lens. It is a review of books of interest to the left-wing, written by leftists themselves. It is intended to shed light on works of literature, history, and philosophy, works that might have been unfairly passed by, and it’s aimed at an audience that’s curious about what’s to the left of the dial in written form.

The column is not intended to be academic. It is not intended to be a diatribe, or unreadably opaque. It is intended to stir interest in READING, which is strangely making a comeback thanks to pads and e-readers. I hope to open a dialogue with people who may not even be self-identified as “left” – I’m going to try to explore and bring to light tendencies within the scope of radical literature, to find strands of interest to the general reader who may be curious about the opinions and undercurrents they find in the books that they read.

Most importantly, it’s meant to move the audience to turn off the TV, shut the computer down for an hour or so a night, and READ. I don’t do hatchet jobs, and I try to keep the snark attacks to a minimum. This blog might be pro-radical, but it’s also pro-literacy.

New reviews will be splashed on the screen once a week, every week. I would be delighted to have some interaction – you can post your judgement calls on twitter, addressed to @glentruax.

Enough blather. All power to the readers of the world. Let the dialogue begin.